Women’s Fellowship

Meets on Thursday via Zoom at 8:00 PM and meet on Friday at 8:00 in Fellowship Hall

Our Purpose:

Our women’s ministry at First Baptist Church exists for the purpose of leading women of all ages to a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and ministering to the spiritual needs of all women by helping them to grow into a deeper fellowship with God and others thru prayer and practical action. We want to establish a receptive environment where we can connect in Christian faith so that we can better handle the daily challenges of this life including home, work, and Christian service. Under the authority of the Lord and thru the unity of believers, we can gain godly comfort, strength, knowledge, and wisdom. We desire to disciple and equip women so that they can minister to others in the process of spiritual growth and development both within the church and reaching out into the community and world. We seek to grow lasting friendships with each other in building the Kingdom of God in the bond of love to do His work.

Our Mission:
To help equip women to know Christ and be effective with their testimony in their home, church, work, and community in order to lead people to a faith relationship with Jesus Christ bringing honor and glory to God.

Our Objectives:
To encourage spiritual relationship and growth thru God’s Word
To fellowship with other Christian women and grow friendships
To share God’s Word with all women in our church family and in our community and world
To fervently pray and encourage each other in their daily walk with the Lord Jesus Christ
To practically minister to each other’s needs

Women’s Fellowship (WF) Team of FBCCP 

Our Women’s Fellowship provides opportunities for us to gather together, to pray together and to build relationships. We also welcome newcomers into our fellowship. In these smaller, more informal settings we have opportunities to get to know one another better, to share our faith and to lend a helping hand to one another in times of need. The purpose of the group is fellowship, caring for each other, prayer, Bible study, evangelism and worship, so we will have following positions for 2017 that we are encouraged to volunteer to help with WF and church growth.

The New Testament encourages us to “stimulate one another to love and do good deeds” and that we “not neglect to meet together” (Hebrews 10:24, 25).  With this verse as a model for our fellowship, we encourage all of our members to find and become active in WF and church Sunday Luncheon fellowship to join our care group within the church. Jesus said the world would know us as his followers by the love we show for one another. When we make caring for the body of Christ a priority—helping one another through difficulties and loving one another deeply—the world will notice we’re different and want to know why.

1. Christian Education (Oversee religious education, Discipleship, Bible teaching)

    Bible teacher (If you are interested in leading Bible study in WF)

2. Clerical Staff (including updating prayer request items, corresponding writing, offering counting)

    We also need Offering counting when WF finishes

3. Worship (Prepare for the songs and lead worship)

4. Care group (Invite Women to worship, welcome those who visit and connect them with others, and help those interested in joining our Women’s Fellowship and the church to integrate into the life of the congregation; being sensitive to others’ needs, praying and counseling)

5. Special event planning (Coffee hour, social events like food for homeless and visiting the elders’ house, receptions and festivals planning, setting decoration, Event promotion…)

6. Outreach and Evangelism (Make efforts to make Women’s Fellowship visible to the community.Evangelical strategies planning within the WF and support the church Evangelical ministry)

Please pray for the positions that you are interested in and want to be volunteer to help with the WF for 2017. Please share your thoughts with me when you see me at church.

In Chirst,

Jasmine Guan Crespo